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Monday, February 05, 2007

I checked into the (very new) Hilton that's right next to BWI airport. In the room I find a Philips widescreen flat panel TV. "All right, I'm going to play some serious X-Box tonight", I thought. I find the composite inputs behind a panel on the left side of the TV and plug everything up. Then I search for the input switch button, but find nothing. There is a menu button on the side of the set, but it does not function. Finally, there is a button on the controller for "menu", but it only changes the SAP options, and sets a timer on the TV. So, I call the front desk, who sends a guy over. Apparently he's dealt with this one before. There's no way to activate the additional inputs, so I'm totally out of luck. I'm headed back to the Pikesville Hilton next week, so I'll be back on Xbox Live then.

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