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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Christine spent the last few weeks moving all of my toys out of the front room upstairs, as well as the stack of flooring. Once that was done, she pulled up the carpet (which was smelly), the carpet pad and the very last of the linoleum tiles. You can see the black, (not so) sticky glue on the plywood floor below Cory's feet. Once that was done, Cory and I started shooting screws next to all of the original nails that attached the plywood to the joists. Since nails don't really have really good traction over the years, warping wood can pull the nails out of the joists slightly, and allow the wood to rub on metal, making very irritating squeaks. Screws have much better holding power, and running them next to nails stops stops most of the squeaks but, not all. Just under Cory's feet, there was a persistent squeak. As we discovered from the back room upstairs, squeaks like this can be caused by split joists, or (as we soon figured out) loose cross braces. We eventually gave up on running more screws into the wood and decided to pull up the offending panel. Bo dropped by and helped find the edges of the plywood, and pryed it up while Cory searched and pulled nails from the top side of the board. The exposed joist, closest to the top of the screen has a split in it AND a few of the cross braces (since they were made from scrap lumber) had split as well adding to the cacophony of noises emanating from the floor above the dining room. We stopped at this stage of the project to get some food, and should get back to it either today or tomorrow morning. I think the solution will be removing the cross bracing and installing 2X4's on metal hangers cinched down with 2" course thread screws.



Blogger Mike Duffy said...

sweet post...i love construction explainers...I think I might be sick and twisted from all the construction on my house pay no attention to this comment:)

3/12/2007 2:57 PM  
Blogger cat said...

I just got home and it looks good :)
Have fun at the concert tonight!

3/12/2007 3:30 PM  

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