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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

First, I'd like to thank AB for the bird knowledge. Turns out, getting the bird off the ground and into a tree was about the best thing I could do.

In two more days, I'm bringing a guy in to sand and re-texture the upstairs. I'm pretty close to complete on all of the prep work, and should be able to complete all but two things tonight. Those two things are, cutting a rough opening and installing a door (which won't be complete until tomorrow anyway) and moving the return air vent up closer to the ceiling in the stairwell.

Tonight the big projects are, dismantling the vanity and closing up the scuttle that's in the bedroom closet. I tried to disassemble the vanity last night but, I couldn't find the water cutoff for the whole house. As for the scuttle, I plan on putting it in the new closet (that hasn't been cut open yet) or just above the landing if there isn't enough room.



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