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Friday, April 13, 2007

The past two nights, Cory and I have been hard at work preparing the upstairs for sanding and re-texturing. I have two estimates for the work but, have yet to make a decision. We finished the plywood and underlayment treatment of the upstairs on the 27th of March, and for some reason, I thought there wasn't much work left to be done. I invited Cory over to walk through it and make an assessment.

Turns out, there was a lot of work left to be done. The first, and most obvious, was the sink in the bathroom and the furdown above it. The sink was too low, and the furdown was unnecessary and made the room feel cramped. So I demolished the furdown to find a hole in the wall where the wires were fed through to the fixture. So I had to cut the entire area away, replace the sheetrock and install a j-box for a fixture (to be chosen later). I began to demolish the sink, but found that the cut off valves were worn out and needed to be replace. Cory suggested that I just cap them for now, so I put it on the list.

Cory noticed that the HVL (heat, vent, light) was installed very poorly, so we dismantled it and cut away the damaged sheetrock to see what could be done. A structure was necessary to mount the box to, so I climbed into the attic to install it. The upper attic is very dusty and filled with fiberglass insulation so, my throat and my arms are very itchy today.

The next project is wiring. The switches in the bathroom are as low as the sink, and the HVL switch is mounted above that switch, so they all need to be moved to one level, and a second switch will be added along with a light above the shower. I will also have to run a wire from the j-box above the sink to the light in the HVL, so they come on at the same time.

The only other big project is moving the return vent for the top floor up from the bottom of the stairs to the ceiling. This may require adding a closet on the landing, just to get access to the vent.



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