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Friday, May 25, 2007

We're gearing up for a fun weekend. The weather report seems to indicate that we're in for a wet one, but that can't stop the rock! We've got beers and brats, mixed drinks and music. Just need to get find places for everyone to sit back and enjoy themselves. We just have a few issues to work out before Saturday, like the issue we had last night.

Last night, it was raining so hard the cover over the porch was leaking. Fortunately, the failure pointed to the cause. The cover collects water off the roof and channles it into the structural members at the edges. These channels are pitched so all of the water goes into two downspouts on the side of the porch cover that faces the property line. The first was free and clear, but no water was flowing out of it. The second was clogged up with about 2 inches of mud, backing up all the water and forcing it to leak out of every junction between channels. So I pulled out the downspout and pushed my hand up through the mud, which came out all at once. The problem is almost totally solved, except for a few seams in the corrogated steel sheets that make up the roof.



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