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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I burned off work a little early to get the last bit of flooring done upstairs so we could move on to baseboards and touch-up paint. On my way home, Christine calls me about a water leak asking me if she should call a plumber. After a short conversation, I told her to call someone. I deposited a check and grabbed an Arbys sandwich and got home, just as Amy and Christine were inside, taking a break.

The planting bed had been overturned and next to the front door I could see the pipe. I figured it had been split or otherwise damaged with a shovel, but it was just disconnected. Christine and Amy went back to digging up the damaged area so the repairs could be completed. When Cory arrived, he told be to call off the plumber and began work on reconnecting the pipe. While he worked, I took advantage of the water being turned off and installed the new nipples and water cocks in the upstairs bathroom. They were previously blocked off from when we removed the old sink to re-texture and paint the walls.

He had nearly completed the repair downstairs when I pulled the old nipple, along with the 90 degree pipe out of the wall from behind the toilet. The threaded portion of the 90 was so corroded that it bent the pipe and broke the solder connection to the 1/2" wall pipe. This meant that we would have to cut out the wall behind the toilet so Cory could get access to re-solder the pipe.

Cutting on the newly re-textured and painted wall board was not something that I wanted to be doing at this point. The sheet rock had pulled away from the wood that it was nailed to and was brittle and damaged behind the fresh paint. Much of it crumbled as I cut it out. We had originally scrapped the idea of putting tile on the wall behind the toilet but, now it will be unavoidable.

By the end, much work had been completed but, not the work that I was anticipating. Maybe today will go a little better.



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