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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We fired up the NAS last night, formatted the drives and configured all of the useful services. Finally I have massive storage (500GB) that safe, fast, and dependable. We are still working out a few bugs related to Twonkymedia's UPnP and the Xbox360. Bo mentioned that he found a 4 bay NAS that only cost $100 more than the one I bought but, I'm happy with the storage size as well as the size of the unit. Once I configure my network properly, my data will be protected and served up fresh 24/7.

On another topic, on Monday evening I inspected a 1970 Datsun 2000 Roadster. I was interested in owning a car that could be a rolling restoration, unlike my Z which became a permanent fixture in my garage in Houston and eventually my driveway in Austin. Well, the Roadster wasn't much better off than my Z, aside from the recent engine work that the owner had done. Looking in the most obvious places for rust, I found most of the car to be intact. However, the trunk had an area that rusted through. The red paint (the car was originally blue) had arrested any further rust issues but, overall the car needed the same tear down that my Z currently needs. I'm still interested in owning a Datsun Roadster but, not until I get some headway on my current projects (house, backyard, garage, Z).

Since a few things on my Z can be done over the long term such as re-building the engine, I'm going to start kicking off some of that work. First I need to find a performance machine shop, and a body shop with an eye for detail.

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