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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Got at call today that confirmed that the color on the side of my car needed to be blended across the drivers side door. They will have to remove all of the accessories, strip the clear coat off of my door, blend in some paint from the back then clear coat it again. So that's going to be an additional $350 and won't be done until tomorrow afternoon. The price is not bad but, I'm discouraged by the fact that the paint needed to be blended. Maybe it just shows my ignorance about paint but, the factory yellow paint should blend pretty easily with factory specification aftermarket yellow. Of course, this means that I'll miss my Wednesday morning drop off with Pontiac.

I also got a call from Buck's Bikes, where I dropped off my Cannondale over the weekend. Unfortunately, there are no suspended forks that are compatible with the 1" neck of older bicycles like mine. This saves me $250 and leaves me with only a solid fork as an option for a replacement. Apparently, the staff at Bucks have all abandoned suspension on their mountain bikes, so I don't feel too bad about the limitation. It will be nice to have my bike in good working condition and hopefully hit the trails this weekend.

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