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Friday, October 05, 2007

The Mercers played a set of about 9 songs and only 3 of them were off the current album. A few of them stuck out in my mind and I can't wait to hear the studio versions. A very good, however short, show. When we got there Peter (lead singer) was standing outside in front of Antone's. Since Cory and I have been going to Choking Ahogo (Peter's previous band) and The Mercer's shows since 2002, he recognized us immediately. Bo had introduced us to the band since he worked with Chris "T-Bone" Stutsman who was the drummer for Choking. Chris introduced us to Peter and Brian who comprised the rest of Choking Ahogo. We shook hands and started to talk about the show.

I mentioned that I was listening to the current album almost non-stop and before I could tell Peter that it was because I only had 3 CDs in my car and a 1/2 hour commute to work, some tallish bespeckled guy rolled up on us and started asking rapid fire questions. "Is this band any good?" "What's your name?" "Are you in a Band?" "I work over there" "I just moved to Austin" "Are you in a band?" "High Five?". It got old quick and Peter made a quick exit.

The guy stood so close I could feel his body heat which made him slightly out of focus and made me very uncomfortable. I thought we ditched him when he made a move for the ATM and we ducked into the club but, he followed us in and quickly located us. I tried to be mean to make him go away but, I guess I'm too nice a guy. Cory tried to make a few cuts on the guy but, during the windup he would cut you off and point out the chick across the bar that was spilling out of her shirt. He blabbed about getting his shoes shined on his way back from the bathroom and I tried to ask if that was a euphemism but, was cut off again and ignored. Real bad conversation with a really irritating guy. I really wanted to tell him to move to the woods and live deliberately but, found it best to ignore him. Fortunately, he could not hold his beers and disappeared about 3/4 way through the the time that The Mercers were on stage.

After the concert we went across the street to The Ginger Man for a few pints. They were out of St. Arnold's Oktoberfest, so I changed my order to Optimator. After our second beer and moving from the deck to a booth to a cozy couch corner, someone played The Police on the jukebox and we thought it was a pretty cool song to exit the bar to, so we left.



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