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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Recap: I brought my bike to a shop near my house called Discovery Cycle, hoping to give the guys business create a relationship and help them ward off the big chain stores (sun and ski, wal-mart). The fork on my bike was trashed because it was actually just a stack of mushy cylinders and they had degraded over time. So, the angle on the bike was terrible, and really hurt my back. I rode the bike in and one of the guys took a look, said it had a 1" neck for the fork and said that it was outdated but, they could get a new suspended fork. After a week, the guy hadn't called me, so I dropped by. He said he had not ordered it, so I waited until Monday of the next week. I dropped by again, and the guy said the company no longer makes this fork. I asked if there were alternatives and he said I should go to another shop and see if they have an old fork on the shelf that would work. Even though, I was ready to spend $300 with these guys, the guy essentially told me to go away.

So, I drop by a few shops like Nelo's and Sun & Ski and both said that the 1" neck was not supported and they turned me away as well. So, about 3 weeks ago on a Saturday, I dropped by Buck's Bikes and talked with the guys who work there. One said most of the staff abandoned suspended forks in favor of static forks (with no shock absorbers). He also said that a company was producing 1" neck suspended forks. Since I knew that this was the same company that the first shop mentioned, I said to go ahead and order both. He said he would on Monday.

I assumed everything was going good until I got a call on Tuesday afternoon. Apparently, they figured out that the suspended fork was not available and asked if I wanted to go with the static fork. Since I had told them to order both, I was surprised that they had ordered neither AND that it was close of business on Tuesday (essentially Wednesday). So I dropped by the shop on Saturday and found that the static fork had not been delivered yet. I told them about a clicking noise that I was getting from the crank and asked if they would rebuild or replace anything that was broken.

So, I go to the GABF, come back and on Thursday (today) give them a call. After getting dropped during a transfer to the service department, I talk to the guy who originally helped me. He says that there are still parts necessary to get the fork mounted and that they cost $12 and he needed to order them and he only discovered that today! Fan-f**king-tastic! Who knows how long the new fork has been sitting on the bench waiting to be installed?

I probably won't see my bike until the end of next week, and who knows what parts will be needed to fix the crank. That's over a month without my Cannondale! Maybe I'm not the most serious rider, and I probably talk like a tubby rube to the bike repair guys who know all the lingo but, seriously, can I be mis-managed any worse? I really wish the guy had said "F this old bike and get into a new one".



Blogger Bill said...

That is almost as bad as my current Cable Card debacle with Time Warner Cable.

10/19/2007 9:50 AM  

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