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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yesterday, I finally got my bicycle back from Buck's Bikes. It may have been done for a few days but, Buck's doesn't typically call you to update your bike's status. Instead, they rely on the link they have on their web site so you can update yourself. Unfortunately, I lost my tag that gave me access to my status.

Oveall, I'm a little unhappy with the customer service experience from Buck's. Every time I went in there, I got the same feeling that I get from comic shop employees that revel in their superior knowledge of obscure pop culture references. The repair guys didn't really spend much time with me beyond talking about changing out of my forks. In the end, the forks were shorter than I expected, the seat post was a different brand than I was told was going to be installed, the connection from the fork to the handlebars was not replaced and the work on my crank that I requested was initialed but, the work was not done. I paid for the work but, ended up leaving the bike until yesterday.

The repairs took over a month to complete but, I can give them a at least a little slack on that. Apparently, the fork took a while to have delivered. However, they took their time to order it, didn't order all of the parts at the same time and ignored the bike while waiting for the parts to come in. Not sure if I would return to Buck's Bikes for repairs or any other reason. I am happy to be able to ride again, though. In fact, I may do some riding today at Walnut Creek with the Austin Ridge Riders.



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