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Saturday, November 03, 2007

My phone buzzed a few times and I picked it up. It was my phone reminding me of The Mercers show at Trophy's. I tried to convince the group to go but, only ended up getting Cory (mostly because I was his ride home). As we walked through the door, I saw Peter standing in front of the bar on crutches. We stopped, said "hi" and shook hands. After Cory and I nabbed a few BLs we talked with Peter for a bit. It was a little loud so I missed the answer to Cory's question about how Peter had screwed up his leg. It got quiet enough to hear Peter talk about the last time we caught up with him at Antoine's and it occurred to me, he was talking about some the details from that incident that I had blogged about. I figured that my blog was pretty small press and would mostly go under the radar but, Peter had read my blog. At the end of the show, we ran across Ray (who had apparently also read my blog) and he asked if I was going to blog about the show and (as you can plainly read) I did.

The Mercers - half of the band sitting downArtsy image of The MercersThe set The Mercers played was mostly new stuff again, which is fine by me. At least there were a few in there which is more than you can say for Battles who play nothing that has ever been recorded before. The show ends up being a big disappointment for anyone who dug a few tunes from the CD (or digital media) and expected to sing along at the concert. Not that Battles has much in the way of lyrics from what I could tell (see tomorrow's post). As you can see, Peter had to play the entire concert on a chair, which reduced (but did not stop) the rocking. They played for about an hour but, since I'm writing this so long after the event, I can't remember much about the music other than it being good (as usual). Cory used his camera to record one of the new songs and it ended up with pretty high quality audio. I'm looking forward to the new tracks up on the website but, judging from how long it took me to blog this event, I can't complain. Sadly, I missed the next show last Thursday at the Beauty bar, and I'll probably miss the next show in San Angelo. Well, it's good that they are getting so much stage time here in Austin. The music is really good.



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