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Thursday, November 01, 2007

So really, no a one of my readership wants these Mike Doughty tickets? Crazy. I still have one couple that might be up for it so we'll see.

Eric as NPHOk, last night was really fun. TJ and I went down to 6th street to see the freaks and have a few beers. Everyone got home before Midnight, and a good time was had by all. I really wished that we had taken a taxi down there, and really booze it up but, it's better that I didn't. I would have regreted it this morning.

I did wake up a little late but, that was by design. No scheduled meetings until 9:30. I've been driving a different route to work recently, and it's really shortened the trip from 25 - 35 minutes after 7:30 down to 17 to 22 minutes. I used to hop on 183 right out of my neighborhood, roll on down to 35 and go south (slowly) until I reached the upper / lower split. It's where the 4 lane highway splits into an upper deck that speeds you down to MLK, and the lower deck has all of the exit ramps for every road all the way from Airport to MLK. So, I recently switched it up and roll down Airport, where and jump right up onto the upper deck. So, the first part of the trip is cut way down, and the trip from there on down to 71 is smooth sailing anyway. So, if I leave after 7:00 in the morning that's my new route, otherwise the 183 to 35 route is still pretty fast.

Sad broken GTOSo today (and here's the interesting part of my day) I got all the way to Smith School (the cross road where my office is) and pulled into the parking lot when my stick shift went from 2nd gear to ???. It was mushy and did not engage in any gear. The stick just kind of floated around, allowing me to push it in every direction to extremes that were not possible before with my B&M short shifter. However, it engaged in absolutely no gears except 4th, which could be found by laying the stick all the way back until it was laying on the console.

So, I called Pontiac roadside assistance who said that the issue was covered, and that they would dispatch a tow truck to take my car to the dealership. They also told me to contact the dealership to tell them that the car was on it's way. About an hour later, the tow truck driver called me to get the key. On the way, I called the dealership ( Champion Pontiac) who told me that they would have to assess the damage before they would be able to approve a rental car. The worst part is, the transmission guy is busy today and would not be able to do the assessment until tomorrow. So, that leaves me stuck here at the office this afternoon and without a car tomorrow morning. Great!

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