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Saturday, February 02, 2008

I started my day (at 10:30) by watching Stargate Atlantas and having a chicken sandwich. I got an e-mail from Jared about doing some bike riding so, I rode my bike up to Walt's house which is right next to a trail head into Walnut creek. We rode through the tangle of trails and suddenly, Walt's bike malfunctioned. A screw fell out of his rear breaks. We looked for a while but, Walt ended up going home. So, Jared and I continued on. We completed the Tangle of Trails and then hit Windy Loop and then the BMX bike trails. We head back through the Tangle and through Walt's neighborhood. Fortuantely, bike route 47 goes right from Walt's neighborhood to my neighborhood. A few blocks from 183 was Jareds house.

On the trail, I noticed that the screw had fallen out of my brakes as well but, apparently that had been the case for a while (I noticed that there was rust inside the threads of the brake post). So, when we got to Jared's house he put my bike up on his repair rack and searched for a screw. The only screw he found was a little long but, it would serve to keep the brake caliper from flying off.

Jared noticed that my de-railers were a bit off so, he made some minor adjustments and set everything right. I would say "again" but I installed everything when I bought the bike and really didn't do that great of a job. Thanks, man.

After that, I headed down to The Flying Saucer on my bike and joined the U.F.O. club which netted me a shirt and a few discounts. If I drink 200 different beers, they will put my name on a gold platter and put it up on the wall. I'm up to 3, wish me luck!

Hey, anyone want to join me in my 200 beer challenge at their local Flying Saucer? Duffy? Bill? Russ? Ashwin? Come on! It will be fun!

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Blogger Mike Duffy said...

sounds like fun, but I never go downtown it seems...

2/07/2008 8:47 PM  

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