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Friday, February 29, 2008

Oh the doors you'll install. I'm sure my readers are getting bored with all the home remodeling entries I've put up lately. Well, too bad. Here's another one.

When I got home from work at 5:30, Cory had already fixed all the problems with the door. The frame was straight, the gap between the doors even and much smaller AND he cut away the part of the patio cover that was interfering with the swing of the door. So, all that was left was to install the door knob, move the lock (I put it in on the lower hole for some reason), and install the door alarm hardware. Really that wasn't much stuff to do, Cory did all the hard work. So, now we need figure out how to trim out the door on the outside and what kind of trim will be used on the inside, then we can caulk and foam it all up to weatherproof it and move on to the next door this weekend.

Also, I got the payout for my car yesterday and promptly put it in the bank. I'm still, as nice as they are, I'm not considering a Corvette for my next car (sorry, Bill and Russ).

Oh, I ate an onion that's really burning my tongue, and it's been almost 3 hours since I ate it. Bleh!



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