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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

On January 9th, Cory and I brewed up 11 gallons of Wietzenbock. On January18th, we brewed up an English brown ale that ended up turning black due to the 15 year dark old malt extract. And, the weekend before last, (January 26th) I completed a 5 gallon batch of an amber.

So, after the Superbowl we dispositioned the first two brews into kegs. Unfortunately, the first batch was reduced to less than 5 gallons, and had a low alcohol content due to issues in the brewing process. The second (currently dubbed St. Ale) came out better than anyone had expected but, the alcohol content was equally low. To give it a boost, we added priming sugar, which is typically used to bottle beer. This should raise the alcohol content by about .2%.

The last 5 gallon batch was moved into the secondary fermenter without any incident. After all that work was done, my fermenting closet looked very bare, so Cory and I decided to brew another batch.

So, last night, Cory dropped by and we got started on yet another beer brewing adventure. The goal of this batch was to make a very pale beer as quickly as possible. When we went to buy all of the ingredients from Austin Home Brew, they were out of almost everything. So we subbed out the crystal extract with 10° grains, the light extract with dry light extract, the Styrian Goldings with Fuggle and the Saaz with Lublin. The only thing that was from the original recipe was the cane sugar, the honey and the Belgian Abbey II yeast.

Finally all of the cobwebs are clearing from my brain and I'm remembering all the subtleties of brewing. Cory and I are getting much better at brewing. Last night's brew was much shorter but, due to some bad math formulas we added too much water which required us to boil down the beer much more and yielded a bit too much beer. It will probably be OK but, we won't know until a few weeks from now.



Blogger Bill said...

Damn dude, you're a beer brewing, blog posting machine!

2/05/2008 3:50 PM  
Blogger Mike Duffy said...

you can't brew to much beer....that is must be drinking while you post again....

2/07/2008 8:51 PM  

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