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Friday, March 07, 2008

It's March, so it's time to brew Oktoberfest and tomorrow is the big brew day. The last few times I had friends over to brew I didn't really let them do anything. This time, I'm writing a schedule for everything and I'm going to order everyone around so they all have time to enjoy the beer making process.

I also plan on putting together some prototype labels for a few of the beers that I've already brewed so everyone can have a few. Maybe 20 of each should do it. If I run out, I have plenty of commercial beers. Plenty of Saint Arnold's Spring Bock (my favorite)!

I got an online pharmacy spam today that had the subject "I hate you damn".



Blogger Mike Duffy said...

Man I really, really, really want to come up to Austin and brew with you guys. I've been so consumed with work lately I haven't had time. After the end of this month, work should become slightly more bearable, so maybe I can set something up with you in late April. I can even title your place Thompson's BYOB (Brew Your Own Beer) like the one in Seattle I went to:)

3/11/2008 11:07 AM  

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