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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Thanks Bill, it's good to be back in the sports car club. In fact, I got my car just in time to make it to the Capital Z of Texas club meeting last night. Joining this club completes my Z club hat trick. I have previously been a member of the Z Club of Texas (Dallas), when I was driving a busted down 75' 280z that was slated to be my sister's car but, ended up being too much of a maintance problem for her to handle. Then, when I moved to Houston, I joined the Z Club of Houston. I had purchaced a 73' 240z from Arizona. You can read some of it's history on Z car blog. So now, I own both the 73' and a 05' 350z and am a card carrying member of Capital Z of Texas (I even got a t-shirt).

Cory Adjusts the FrameAs for you're second question, YES! I'm going to bust a hole in the wall, opposite the recently installed French door (right), hopefully starting this afternoon.

In this picture, Cory is adjusting the frame, so the door closes properly. Unfortunately, my stupid HP R697 camera lost all of the pictures up to the last day of the install. I had it perched on my tripod so the whole process from removing the old door to putting on the trim could be watched in sequence. Fortunately, Mariah brought her Canon EOS and took pictures the first day. Once I get her pictures (and my shit together) I'll put up a gallery of the images.

Install CompletedThere are still a few things that need to be done to complete this install. One can be done fairly quickly (extension jambs) but, the other will wait until I'm ready to trim out the interior of the downstairs. I have not selected trim for the doors throughout the house. That decision won't be made until all the walls are sanded, and new texture is applied. However, this won't occur until a few more projects are completed (upstairs bathroom, wall reconfiguration in the master, decisions around AC resolved).

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Blogger Matthew said...

When are you going to do the ceiling?

4/01/2008 1:56 PM  

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