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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Well Matt, the ceiling in the living room will be the project that I tackle last. As I've explained to a few people, my plan is to vault the ceiling. In it's current configuration, the shape of the roof and ceiling essentially an isosceles triangle. A triangle is a very stable structure but, if the longest side (or hypotenuse) were removed, the roof would sag or perhaps collapse under it's own weight. So, what is required is building a scissor truss to provide the rigidity that the wood making up the hypotenuse currently provides. Once this is completed, I'll have enough room to install insulation, as well as have at least 2 inches of air gap that will provide circulation in the attic. This should provide a vault of about 2 feet or so.

I think the next projects (in order) are, french door (3rd and final), door into the garage, tree trimming, fence, deck, upstairs bathroom, kitchen, laundry room (including changing out the water heater), AC (which may require a new unit and be a huge f'n mess), stairs, master bedroom closet, and master bathroom.

I think then I could focus on the living room, vault the ceiling, cut back the fireplace, and install all the multimedia wiring (speakers, cable, audio, etc...). After that, I can re-texture the walls downstairs and paint the interior. Somewhere in there, I may have the exterior painted but, I need some help matching up all the colors that I can't change outside (brick, windows, door trim, roofing). Crap! That's a lot of work.



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