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Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm sure everyone in Austin knows that Foxboro Hot Tubs is playing at Emo's tonight. Also, I'm sure everyone knows that Foxboro Hot Tubs is Green Day. Since I have an inside source at Emo's, I put in a request to get on the guest list for tonight. It was a long shot, since tickets were only sold at the door, and 101X has been getting everyone in the know AND giving out spots on the guest list.

Turns out, Green Day is playing the inside venue which only handles about 300 people. Apparently, they refused to play outside where there's room for 1,200. People started lining up last night, and the tickets go on sale at noon today which means the line is probably full already. Scalpers have been calling the owner of Emo's and offering $300 a ticket but, were unsuccessful. Emo's will probably make no money off this and neither will Green Day. I wonder what their motivation is for doing such a small show when they could easily sell out an huge music venue. Perhaps they're trying to re-capture their garage band days.

Good luck Green Day fans.



Blogger Mariah said...

Yeah, one of my oily beauhunks lives downtown and was talking about the huge lines at Emo's. We had to look it up to see who was playing. I had no clue Dreen Day had an alter ego band. Crazy!

5/22/2008 4:19 PM  
Blogger Mattman369 said...

I luv Green Day. I saw them in concert once with Blink-182. It was awsome.

5/23/2008 12:44 AM  

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