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Thursday, May 08, 2008

What a week! Hung out with Jenn and her sister on Monday (5 of May), Mariah dropped by while Cory and I worked on the last French door on Tuesday, and on Wednesday Cory and I put more work into the French door.

Now I can see out to the old pecan tree (in desperate need of pruning). Looking out through my new backyard exit, I'm really able to envision the deck, table, lighting, fence, and (possibly) a swing.

In response to a recent comment by Duffy: I could have looked around for an old suspended fork for my Cannondale but, even a NOS (new old stock) part would be shot by now. They have a limited shelf life and a used one would be used up.

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Blogger Bill said...

post some pics of the house man!

5/08/2008 10:54 AM  
Blogger Mike Duffy said... think i know what a suspended fork is! :)

5/08/2008 2:45 PM  

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