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Monday, June 16, 2008

Last Friday, I drove to work in my truck and ditched work early to pick up an engine I dropped off at a machine shop on Burleson. I purchased this engine a long while back to be used in my 73' 240z. I got a better engine that afternoon but, I didn't know how much better until Cory and I disassembled the old one to separate the steel from the aluminum (for recycling). One of the bolts that holds down the cam was totally stripped. Once we completed the tear down, we collected all the scrap metal in the house (including the kitchen sink) and filled up the bed of my truck.

We ran out of time to get to the metal recyclers, so we went over to Rising Sun and picked up the engine instead. It had a really nice assortment of extras bolted onto it and was easily worth the $300 asking price. Plus, I got a good radiator with it.

On Saturday, Cory and I went up to Avery Ranch to a poolside party at Jeff's and Kristin's house. We partied with a few of their neighbors, co-workers, 3 crazy dalmatians and the Hyers. After that, we drove down to the south side for Katy Fallon's birthday party. It was in a really great location, backed up to the green belt. If there was a house for sale in that neighborhood, I would seriously consider becoming a south sider. It was a really cool party, and I met a few cool new people, like Greg (two Gs).

I took it easy on Sunday at Bo's and Betty's house. Got to watch the mid-season finally of Battlestar Glactica and played a little Rock Star. We finished the day by seeing the Incredible Hulk, which was a really great movie. I had my doubts about a re-origin story after the 2003 flop "Hulk" but, it was really good. I believe that The Punisher is going to get the same treatment later this year.



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