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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Matt's in Barcelona, just now waking up and getting ready to explore Spain. He will be moving in on the weekend of the 26th so, I decided that the upstairs bathroom should be rebuilt before his arrival. This way, Amy can live in the master bedroom and not have to share the bathroom with Matt and me (girls are funny like that). So, we started by tearing out the floor and the parts of the walls where the slate is going to be installed. After this picture was taken, the bathtub surround was removed as well. Cory started by planing down the joists so the new flooring can be installed and match up with the existing floor. Over the last few days, he and I have been adding reinforcement between the joists to provide a stable (and squeak-free) platform for the 3/2" treated plywood, cement board, mud and slate tiles (also known as a FSS). Hopefully we'll have all the work done by Matt moves in.

Unfortunately, the weekend that Matt will be moving in I will be in San Diego at the Comic Con. Well... not sooo unfortunate. For me.



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