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Saturday, January 31, 2009

I started the morning at 7:30 when my alarm went off, since I forgot to turn it off last night. I couldn't get back to sleep since I was thinking about all the stuff I wanted to do today. I sat in bed and read "The Push Man and Other Stories" by Yoshihiro Tatsumi and I finished "Scott Pilgrim 4" Bryan Lee O'Malley.

Then I measured the bathroom to fit all of the cementatious board in which will finish off the next stage of the bathroom. However, I didn't have enough board to finish the job so, I went to Lowes. Unfortunately the board they sell at Lowes is 1/8" thinner than the stuff I have. Even worse, Cory pointed it out half way through a cut.

So, Matt, Cory and I went to Hula Hut for some beer and margaritas (I drank the beers). On the way back, we went to pick up the right board. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon measuring and cutting. I didn't get done, though. I got stuck when I couldn't find my paddle bits. I'll do a little more tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I'm going to participate in Hourly Comics Day.



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