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Friday, February 13, 2009

Sadly Jared, I have the same problem with my cash and shirts. They must always face the same way.

Amy and I went out to see a few shows last night. We first went to Flipnotics to see Matt the Electrician and Southpaw Jones. They play a really great (and interactive) show every week on Thursday. At the show, Amy thumbed through a copy of the Austin Chronicle and stopped on a report titled Alleged Bike Thief Nabbed.

Turns out, the "Alledged Bike Thief" was James Clayton, a guy that friended my sister on Facebook before she moved down to Austin. When Amy finally moved into town, she went out on a few dates with the guy. So, James was (according to the report) in possession of more than $60,000 worth of Mountain Bikes, Street Bikes and other parts. Amy says that she broke it off with him because he only talked about two things: biking and himself. I joked with Amy that he broke it off with her because her bike was too sucky to steal.

The second show was at The Parlor with a new band called Rainbow Dragon but, we could only stay for a few songs. The drummer for Rainbow Dragon is none other than Chris Stutsman, formerly the drummer for Choking Ahogo, and former co-worker with Bo Sheffield at Digital Motorworks (which is how I started listening to Choking Ahogo in the first place). The music was great, and loud! The band even offered earplugs to the audience before the concert.

While in the bathroom at the Parlor, I noticed a playbill that said Madeline is going to be playing on the 14th of May right at that venue for SXSW. Madeline is a recent favorite of mine, since I downloaded this track from Paste.

I'm going to spend the weekend in Houston, catching up with my Houston friends. I'm hoping that everyone will meet me at St. Arnold's at 1:00 on Saturday for some beer drinkin' and some catching up. I have a box of 6 pack carriers to return to the Brewery. I also must remember to buy a Spring Bock singlet for bike riding and a keg of Spring Bock to bring back to Austin. Also, I really like Spring Bock.


Blogger Jared said...

So Blogger just destroyed my comment...sigh.

Anyways...crazy that Amy knows this guy. He's been getting a LOT of press on local cycling blogs

Isn't this the guy that had something to do with Sweat Leaf Tea? Or was that another biker guy Amy dated?

2/13/2009 3:38 PM  

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