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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

How many calls have you received talking about "extending your car's warranty"? These companies are selling insurance and know nothing about you or your car. It's nice that they give you an option to get removed from their call list (enter 2 if you would like to be removed) but, it costs minutes to listen to all of their options. Frankly, I object to being called in the first place. I'm a bit of a compulsive about answering my phone so I always get stuck listening to these stupid recordings.

At any rate, I recommend going to and (if you live in Texas) and register your phone number.

It also occurs to me, when you go to anyone's voicemail the explanation of what options you have to leave a voicemail takes an extremely long time (...if you would like to page this person press...). Who does that anyway? I think it takes so long because it costs minutes to listen to this dissertation. I'm putting that on blast! We're being nickle and dime'd to death people!


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