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Thursday, April 09, 2009

At Rick's birthday, Ruthie suggested that we go the Third Annual GI Joe Stop Motion Film Festival so, Ruthie, Josh, Rick and MasterBAD (sorry, can't remember his name) Mariah, Cory and I bought tickets.

Before the show Mariah invited Cory and I out to dinner and we decided to eat at Clay Pot. Cory and I got there early and ordered a beer. When the guy asked if we wanted to start a tab, I said "Cash... I'll pay in Thunder-Cash" (I was thinking of Thunder Cats at the time). Then the guy next to me said "Did you just say Thunder-Cash?". I turned to look at him and he added "Do you work at Thunder Cloud?" I told him, I did say Thunder-Cash, but did not work at Thunder Cloud. Turns out, he worked there and we had a short chat about how annoying their ad campaigns were.

The show was good. Not a very good blog today... sorry.


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