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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Adam had to work today and my original intent was to explore the city on foot. I woke up a little late, and I didn't do any research on Vancouver so I decided to wait until noon and go to lunch with Adam. In the mean time I hung out on the couch and organized my pictures from the day before and posted a blog.
When noon came around, we decided to have sushi (again!) and damn Vancouver has totally spoiled me on sushi. The restaurant we went to had giant, crazy-good hunks of salmon, soft buttery-consistency tuna tataki (with a smoky dipping sauce), and something called a paradise roll (which it was). They get some really fresh seafood there and you can actually taste the difference. I have not had such good sushi in any restaurant in Texas regardless of price. Simply amazing.
So, Adam moved his 1:00 meeting back, so we now had time to hit up the dog park again, this time with Kayla and Bini who Adam’s ex-girlfriend Kim dropped off that morning since she was going on a bike ride the following day. Both dogs are crazy for fetch but, so well trained that Adam easily got them to pose for a picture with the objects of their obsessions just inches away from them.
After the dog park, Adam finished / blew-off his office work and we met up with Mike with the intent to hit up the Pitch and Putt at Stanley park. On the way, we drove by the Gastown Steam Powered Clock which was tooting out the old familiar grandfather clock tune as we drove by it. When we finally collected Mike and got to the Pitch and Putt, there was a long line so; we went for wings at a bar down the street. Mike is one of Adam’s long time friends and his wife, Angie (also Adam’s friend) came to Houston and met a few people a when Adam was living there. I’m not sure that I was one of them.
Afterwards, we headed over Lion’s Gate bridge and up to North Vancouver (strangely, a different city than East Vancouver, and Vancouver proper) to look at a house that Mike and his wife were planning on buying. They currently live inches from Stanley Park in a near-basement condo that they have since outgrown. The place they looked at was really great, with decks, a basement (that they would rent out), a sunken living room, landscaping everywhere and a cool set of planting boxes for gardening.
Since Angie does not care much for gardening, it would most likely get overgrown and the garden would be re-purposed for a back yard. It reminds me of all of the houses that my family and I moved into over the years. Tearing things out, making them our own. It also made me think about looking around for another property in Austin, just to look for now, I guess.
As the sun was setting, we climbed up to a “romantic” vantage point overlooking Vancouver. Though, when the sun was up, it was more majestic / awe inspiring. Adam had ridden up on a bike ride up this incline before where his group had a non-confrontational run-in with a black bear. It was a good day for a ride and there were plenty of motorcycle riders tearing up the side of the mountain. Damn I look good in this picture. Anyway, we headed back into town to meet up with Mike, Angie, and her brother and sister. It was her sister's birthday, so we celebrated on Granville Island at the Cat's Social Club which was previously "The Cat's Meow". Somehow it caused too much confusion with people searching for pet stores on Granville Island. The food bar food was fair, and I didn't get to know Angie, and her brother and sister all that well because the bar had the music cranked up, so I couldn't hear anything. I drank many local beers and Adam and I made an early night of it. Another great day in Vancouver!


Blogger Mike Duffy said...

gotta love fresh fish in the Pacific Northwest.

5/21/2009 8:59 AM  

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