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Friday, May 15, 2009

I flew from Austin to Phoenix. While waiting for my flight, I picked up a pair of earplugs at a gift shop while looking for stupid chotchkies to give to my friends. I tend to do that when I travel. I guess Arizona wasn't interesting enough. I realized too late that I could go to the duty-free shop and pick up some alcohol for cheap. In retrospect, it would have been taxed at the border in customs since I was already bringing a case of beer into Canada for Adam. I set him up with 12 St. Arnold's Spring Bocks and 12 Christmas Ales.

When I landed and finally worked my way through customs, Adam was waiting for me on the other side. Still the same smile, I wonder if will ever age. He still has the same red Ford truck that he bought in Houston back in 2002 but, now it has a camper shell and his Water Tiger logo emblazoned across the doors. He's doing fairly well, even in a down economy.
We stopped for Döners served in a pita on the way back to his place for a late lunch. Good stuff. I met his dog Kayla, who was riding in the back of the truck, patiently waiting to go to the dog park. So, we dropped off my stuff and took her down to Renfrew park. Adam used a Chuckit to throw the ball for miles and would have it back in mere seconds. Kayla is THAT fast! She somehow never got tired, either.
Afterwards, we went for sushi and Adam introduced me to Lululemon, a sort of super-comfortable yoga wear that the women that originate from a hip neighborhood in Vancouver. We sat in the window of the sushi joint watching women wearing Lululemon stroll by. Quite enjoyable.

After Sushi, we went to a community center / church to see Mike Doughty play. The venue was similiar the Cactus cafe in size (no more than 200 people or so) but the acoustics were more church like, due to the high celings. The show wasn't a complete sell out but, Mike has a pretty decent fan community in Vancouver. The concert started a little late because Mike, Scrap and crew (one guy) showed up late. Fortunately, it took them no time to set up and pass out the "question jar". During the performance, Scrap and Mike pull questions written by the audience and answer them. I asked "Did you grow the beard BECAUSE you were coming to Canada, or did it just automatically appear when you crossed the border", which got a pretty good laugh from the crowd. Mike said that he was clean shaven in Washington and continued on to the next song. Around the second song or so, two of Adam's friends, who he had not seen since High School showed up to watch the show. After the show, Mike was selling copies of a CD called "busking"; a recording of a concert held in the subway tunnel between the 3 train and the F train on 14th street in NYC. He even signed every copy that he sold.
After the show, Kat, Adam, Jaime, and I went over a block and had a few beers at a local bar.



Blogger Mike Duffy said...

tell Adam that while I never made it to Canada while living there..I still have that dream.. We made it out to see the Orcas this past trip to Seattle, so next time Victoria it is, hopefully.

5/16/2009 11:40 PM  

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