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Monday, May 11, 2009

Welcome friends to post number 500 in the life-blog of Eric Thompson (also calls himself Alien-e but, only on the internet). This weekend was my first meeting with my partners at Past / Futures Records. We spoke briefly about my planned PA setup in my backyard (Che knows sound) and then discussed secret company business. I was hoping to record the meeting and publish it on the website in some sort of Music Industry Weekly podcast (motha-fucca!) but, the connection to Che was fer-shit caus, he was skyping in from his cell phone in a van somewhere in Massachusetts. We are meeting again tomorrow to talk about the upcoming Strange Attractors concert on Wednesday (at Emo's) since they are one of our two upcoming releases. I think they have already looked at the demo vinyl but, it might be cool to bring it along.

Over the weekend I spent some time working on the house. Amy and I did yard work all morning and I follwed that up with a trip to the gym. I figured, I didn't need to hit the weights after the eliptical machine since, I planned on finishing working day in the yard digging in the dirt. Cory and I re-cut the border trench around the planting beds but, we ran out of time before we could install the border. The next day, we finally put some effort into the bathroom. There were plenty of things we didn't account for, and we ended up wasting a bit of time an energy but, we learned a few things and should have much more success next time we find the time to work on it.

Now, this morning I dropped off my car today at Jeff's Autobody on Lamar. They had done some work for me previously when I scraped the hell out of my Z and I was really satisfied with the results. That was an out of pocket expense and was a fairly reasonable price, considering the result was non-. Fortunately, this damage was caused by someone else and was completely covered on my policy. Here is the "before" picture. I'll post the "after" when I get back from Canada. Oh! I'm also going to Canada to see Mike Doughty and my HP comrad Adam Scheuer. I am excited to see Canadians in their natural habitat. I will take many pictures and write in my internet journal (ijer = blog).
Happy 500 everybody!



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