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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I looked up from my work this morning to see one of my co-workers standing at my cube entrance. He said "I think there's a riff happening today". I'm not very concerned with losing my job this early in the year since I'm a contractor and I've heard that I'm good until March. So, I was immediately curious about who was being let go. Sadly, it was someone very close to me and Connie. He had helped me when I was drifting between organization (at the end of a previous contract) AND provided Connie with a position here at my office as well.

It was a co-worker who I had come to rely on as mentor, a sounding board, a protector, and an manager (even though that wasn't reflected in his title). I am very lucky to know him and have offered him as much help as I can on finding a new position.

I don't see the real reasoning behind the lay-off, as we are hiring in our organization. I'm sure it won't be clear to me for a while as the organisational change hasn't been officially communicated.

It has been a sad day but, I'm certain that he will find a better job out there. I wish him luck.


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