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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So, I got some answers to my questions on Friday so, here they are:

1. Scott agreed to add a secondary filter on the AC unit. Also, I found a coupon on American Air's website for $500 but, he agreed to add a UV light inside the AC unit that kills bacteria and mold instead.
2. Scott is using 2 14" flex tubes so 20" was more than enough. So we cut it back to 15" X 22"
3. Scott agreed to put the return at the top of the stairs, turning the grate 90 degrees so it can be closed.
4. Scott said the unit in the attic was 110.
5. The chase will have 14" circular ducts will be the supply and return down the chase for the first floor
6. The AC unit that's being installed can't use 2 thermostats but, Scott suggested that we use a remote sensor that averages the two areas
7. The AC unit will be above my bedroom door oriented with the intake facing east
8. The utilities on the AC unit will be on the service side, which is facing north
9. The ducts will be replaced and the grate for the front upstairs bedroom since the room is slightly larger

Here is what we completed by Sunday night at 10:30

1. We did not add a 20 amp breaker. Will utilize the breaker from the original unit and pull out the wire to the original AC closet.
2. The 220 volt plug in the side yard is not active, so we'll rewire it from the breaker that supplies the old condenser unit.
3. Gas line up the wall is installed but the splice from the main and the line all the way to the AC unit in the upper attic remain to be installed.
4. The lines are drawn on the garage wall and it's ready to be cut out. Might even do it before I go to bed tonight...
5. No decking was installed in the garage attic
6. The upper attic void was opened this morning to allow the gas pipe and the electrical wire. I opened the entrance to the void by cutting the 2"X4" away. If I had not cut it, I would not have been able to get the gas pipe into position. Unfortunately, I messed up the walls in both bedrooms and will need to repair and re-texture the walls at a later date
7. Did not clean the void for screw tips and protrusions. Will do tomorrow or Wednesday.
8. Cory opened 15" at the back of the closet for the supply and return from the AC
9. Cory outlined where the scuttle will be but, since it was late we didn't cut the sheetrock. Also, we might need some more 2"X4"s to make the rough opening. Also the Werner ladder was $260 at Lowes. I'll need to find a cheaper solution.
10. I removed Matt's AC duct and taped it off. I left mine since I'll be in the room until the AC guys come on Wednesday.
11. Bought the plywood for decking the upper attic but, we didn't have the table saw here. So, tomorrow I'll take the sheets up to Cory's shop and get them cut and installed.
12. We also bought the plywood for the platform ($25) from Lowes but, we need to cut the scuttle out and rough it before we can put it up into the attic.
13. The overflow drip line has not been installed
14. The main AC condensation line has not been installed either. Might just get them to use the existing for the time being.

Here's what we completed on Monday:

1. Cory cut out scuttle above the landing and rough out
2. Eric cut away drywall in garage (#4)
3. We bought some more plywood and had it pre-cut into decking for upper attic
4. Bought j-boxes for wiring up a spare plug and a light in the attic including a new 20 amp breaker

What needs to happen tonight:
1. Deck attic with plywood and move supports that are in the way
2. Add the platform for the AC
3. Run wire from breaker box to the platform and wire up the light and extra plug
4. Install the pipes to get the gas line to the platform in the upper attic and splice in the pipes to the main gas line.
5. Throw a couple of sheets of plywood in the garage attic and screw down
6. Clean up the void to ease the install.

What we need to do on Wednesday:
1. Re-purpose the breaker for the existing condenser (outside unit) and pull out the existing cable (if we can find it)


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