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Friday, February 19, 2010

My brother an I built modular workstations in my garage last night. I'm in desperate need of cleaning out my garage to make it ready for my 240 Z to come home. I left it at Crushproof over a year ago and they stopped working on it after the roll cage and gas tank were installed. I assumed that they would call me when they had an opening to start doing the bodywork. At the same time, I was hoping that they wouldn't call me for a while because I didn't have the cash to pay for the work at the time (and they don't take credit). So, I get an e-mail (through myspace) from Lux that says the property manager is going to start towning cars from their property on the 21st (SUNDAY!).

I gave him a call to reassure him that I would pick it up before Sunday and he said he would call me back. I'm a little paranoid though. From the irritation in his voice, it sounds like he may want to charge me for storing the car in his garage for a year.

Either way, I'm under pressure to have a place to put the car since the car can't be left outside.

As long as I'm at it, I may as well tear the car down to a rolling chasis this weekend and get it prepared for body work. The workstations that Cory and I put together last nigth should make storing all of the parts very easy. I also cleared out most of the things that don't belong in the garage and should be stored in an attic. Unfortunately I have no access to either of them because because all four of my attics don't have openings (except in the garage but, it's a little skuttle and the attic is not decked for storage).

This weekend will be interesting. I may try and get some contractors scheduled to do some projects I have stated for the beinning of this year including, a new water hearter and a new air conditioning system.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Last Friday, I drove to work in my truck and ditched work early to pick up an engine I dropped off at a machine shop on Burleson. I purchased this engine a long while back to be used in my 73' 240z. I got a better engine that afternoon but, I didn't know how much better until Cory and I disassembled the old one to separate the steel from the aluminum (for recycling). One of the bolts that holds down the cam was totally stripped. Once we completed the tear down, we collected all the scrap metal in the house (including the kitchen sink) and filled up the bed of my truck.

We ran out of time to get to the metal recyclers, so we went over to Rising Sun and picked up the engine instead. It had a really nice assortment of extras bolted onto it and was easily worth the $300 asking price. Plus, I got a good radiator with it.

On Saturday, Cory and I went up to Avery Ranch to a poolside party at Jeff's and Kristin's house. We partied with a few of their neighbors, co-workers, 3 crazy dalmatians and the Hyers. After that, we drove down to the south side for Katy Fallon's birthday party. It was in a really great location, backed up to the green belt. If there was a house for sale in that neighborhood, I would seriously consider becoming a south sider. It was a really cool party, and I met a few cool new people, like Greg (two Gs).

I took it easy on Sunday at Bo's and Betty's house. Got to watch the mid-season finally of Battlestar Glactica and played a little Rock Star. We finished the day by seeing the Incredible Hulk, which was a really great movie. I had my doubts about a re-origin story after the 2003 flop "Hulk" but, it was really good. I believe that The Punisher is going to get the same treatment later this year.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Thanks Bill, it's good to be back in the sports car club. In fact, I got my car just in time to make it to the Capital Z of Texas club meeting last night. Joining this club completes my Z club hat trick. I have previously been a member of the Z Club of Texas (Dallas), when I was driving a busted down 75' 280z that was slated to be my sister's car but, ended up being too much of a maintance problem for her to handle. Then, when I moved to Houston, I joined the Z Club of Houston. I had purchaced a 73' 240z from Arizona. You can read some of it's history on Z car blog. So now, I own both the 73' and a 05' 350z and am a card carrying member of Capital Z of Texas (I even got a t-shirt).

Cory Adjusts the FrameAs for you're second question, YES! I'm going to bust a hole in the wall, opposite the recently installed French door (right), hopefully starting this afternoon.

In this picture, Cory is adjusting the frame, so the door closes properly. Unfortunately, my stupid HP R697 camera lost all of the pictures up to the last day of the install. I had it perched on my tripod so the whole process from removing the old door to putting on the trim could be watched in sequence. Fortunately, Mariah brought her Canon EOS and took pictures the first day. Once I get her pictures (and my shit together) I'll put up a gallery of the images.

Install CompletedThere are still a few things that need to be done to complete this install. One can be done fairly quickly (extension jambs) but, the other will wait until I'm ready to trim out the interior of the downstairs. I have not selected trim for the doors throughout the house. That decision won't be made until all the walls are sanded, and new texture is applied. However, this won't occur until a few more projects are completed (upstairs bathroom, wall reconfiguration in the master, decisions around AC resolved).

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm in the process of buying a car to replace the GTO. I finally decided the car for me is the 2005 Nissan 35th anniversary 350z. I poked around the Internet and found a few good candidates on AutoTrader. I was very interested in buying one that had a Vortech supercharger bolted onto it but, realized that I don't know enough about all the performance parts to get everything tuned properly. So, I decided that I'll reserve learning such things when I get my 240z rebuilt.

Eventually, I decided on a low mileage 350z out of Kentucky. I negotiated the price and submitted a cash reservation on Monday. However, due to slow responses from both Chase (my lender) and Bachman Auto Group (a specific sales person) the deal is still not done. My intent was to buy a ticket for my Sister to fly up there and drive the car back either yesterday morning, or today. Now that can't happen until tomorrow morning (at the earliest). It may not even happen until Monday based on how long it's taking the underwriters to approve the loan. Needless to say, buying a new car has not been a pleasant experience.

Last week I talked with Lux Blue at Crushproof to see when he'll have room in the garage to do the body work on the Datsun. Based on his current workload, it should be out of my garage by the end of April. I may have a tear down party at the end of next month.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We fired up the NAS last night, formatted the drives and configured all of the useful services. Finally I have massive storage (500GB) that safe, fast, and dependable. We are still working out a few bugs related to Twonkymedia's UPnP and the Xbox360. Bo mentioned that he found a 4 bay NAS that only cost $100 more than the one I bought but, I'm happy with the storage size as well as the size of the unit. Once I configure my network properly, my data will be protected and served up fresh 24/7.

On another topic, on Monday evening I inspected a 1970 Datsun 2000 Roadster. I was interested in owning a car that could be a rolling restoration, unlike my Z which became a permanent fixture in my garage in Houston and eventually my driveway in Austin. Well, the Roadster wasn't much better off than my Z, aside from the recent engine work that the owner had done. Looking in the most obvious places for rust, I found most of the car to be intact. However, the trunk had an area that rusted through. The red paint (the car was originally blue) had arrested any further rust issues but, overall the car needed the same tear down that my Z currently needs. I'm still interested in owning a Datsun Roadster but, not until I get some headway on my current projects (house, backyard, garage, Z).

Since a few things on my Z can be done over the long term such as re-building the engine, I'm going to start kicking off some of that work. First I need to find a performance machine shop, and a body shop with an eye for detail.

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