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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I had a really kick ass, and ass kicking weekend. Starting on Friday with the State Radio concert. I invited many but, only Mariah showed up. It was a much better show than the myspace page lead us to believe. Not folk-sie at all. There were some heavy reggae influences and some loud, hard rocking guitar. One thing of note, when the guitar rocked the audience into throwing up their hands, there was a sea of black Xs. I realized that most of the people there were much younger than I. Aw, well I guess I still rock.

On Saturday morning, even after staying up late, I went out to Walnut Creek to do some biking. After 7 miles, I realized I needed to book it home to get ready for the Staple convention. The convention was fun, although I would have spent much more time there if given the choice. Once that was over, Cory and I started work on the french door again. We started by cleaning out the garage of some stuff that I recently figured I can do without. I filled up the back of the truck with goodwill donations and metal to be recycled. It got too dark to continue work but, we were done clearing a spot in the garage to start work on Saturday.

So, Cory and I met Jen, Martha, Brandon, Christine, Mark, Mariah, Cliff, and Morgan down at Fado's for a few beers which ended up taking up the rest of the night.

So, the next morning, I woke up early again and did some road biking with Christine. We had ridden all the way down to the campus when, seemingly for no reason, I wrecked my bike into the pavement. Since I was clipped into the bike, my left ankle was mildly hyper-extended. I was able to stand and walk, and even ride back.

When I got back to the house, I joined Cory, Bo and Betty for lunch. I had already planned on going out to play disc golf a Pease Park with Rachel, so I left Cory to move the circular saw into the garage.

When I got back, Cory was already cutting a piece of pressure treated lumber to be used as a base for the part of the french doors that hangs off the slab. I noticed that my foot had swollen up pretty bad from walking around and playing DG for a few hours. I wasn't really able to walk very well but, I really wanted to make some headway with the French doors.

So, I decided to re-use the redwood that Cory and I pulled from the living room ceiling (left) to create some new trim that will be installed around the outside of the door. I had thought up the style earlier in the week to match with the straight lines of the house. Cory used my technical drawings that I derived from my design idea and how it would actually work when attached to the studs and the frame of the door. The existing patio door (not the slider) had some planks and a spacer nailed onto the face of the frame and over the top of the wood that looked terrible. It was 4.5 inches wide and reminded Bo of a BBQ restaurant. So, I my idea was three steps on a board that was only 3 inches wide. Here's a closeup of the prototype peice that Cory built with the table saw.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yesterday evening, I got a call from three of my friends from three different cities. Russ called me from Houston, and updated me on the new house that he and AB closed on last week. They're painting the place and replacing the carpets. I hear it's not too far from the house we lived in on Waltway. I can't wait to see the place!

Then, Jon Van Luik called and invited me to a poker game. Unfortunately, the game was in Denver. Happy birthday Jon!

Then, I got a call from Jeff Skains, who moved out to San Diego to work for Qualcomm. He also told me that Kristy is having a baby girl in August, but they still haven't decided on a name yet. I suggested that they wait to name her until the baby is born. That way, her name might better fit her personality. Hey, they could even let her get old enough to name herself. Kind of like how Picabo Street got her name. He and Kristy found a disc golf course in Balboa park and every hole had at least 2 people waiting at the tee box to play. Even worse, the course had a pro shop and a greens fee. From what the guy at the shop said, there's no "free" courses within 75 miles of San Diego. Sorry, Jeff. Maybe I'll meet you in Dallas when you come down and we'll play a round at B.B. Owen Park or something.



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