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Friday, October 12, 2007

Mike, Jon, and MattThat's odd... I thought I had blogged just yesterday but, I looked at my web page and found there was no post for Thursday. Well, I suppose it was because we left for the airport to pick up Mike Brewer and went straight to the mountains. After a good lunch at Eric's (a dark little pizza place in Breckenridge) we headed towards Golden, stopping at A-Basin where they had thrown down some man made snow.

Welcome to GoldenOnce we finished watching the ski bums, we stopped one more time at the top of the Loveland Pass where I snapped the picture above. After a drive down a winding road through multiple tunnels, we ended up in Golden. It was way too late to take a tour, so we dropped by a local bar and had the longest poured pilzner. It took 8 minutes to pour a single glass but, we had a beer while we waited. Once we got back to Denver, we went across the street to the Blake Street Tavern and watched the Rockies play. Finally, we finished up the night (until 2 in the morning) at a couple of bars. I'll post the rest of the pictures later. Friday has gone pretty slow so far. We walked to the other end of downtown and picked up some shirts for the Beerfest, which is tomorrow at 5:00.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I skipped out of the office early to drive up to Round Rock to pick up Cory and reunite him with his car. I tried to get there as quickly as possible by using 71 and then going up 130. It took around 45 minutes to get there but, I believe it was faster than going up 35. The next stop was the body shop for my car, so Cory followed me over with his car fresh from the transmission shop. I dropped my car off, pulled all of the junk out of the car and waited for Cory to pick me up but, instead I got a phone call. Cory's car was overheating and oozing liquid from the transmission housing. The first problem was new but, the second was the reason he dropped the car off in the first place. So, I had to head back (in rush hour traffic by this time) and pick him up, which meant that I wouldn't be dropping my car off at the body shop until much later that night.

Cory and I met up with a colleague of mine from my HP days at Quality seafood. I hadn't seen TJ in a long while and it was good seeing him again. He is currently married living in the Woodlands and working for a company here in Austin.

A man, a beard and a glass of chocolate milkI ended up staying up for late packing for my trip to Denver. The flight was at 8:00 and Christine dropped me off at the airport. I slept through the whole flight and woke up Jon when I called from the runway. Fortunately it takes forever to get from the plane to passenger pickup area. Jon surprised me by stepping out of his Subaru all scruffy faced. So, what was our first destination? Pete's Greek Restaurant, the last place we stopped on my way out of Denver last time I was here. Jon got a glass of chocolate milk, I got a (guess what?) a beer. We headed back to Jon's place and I took a nap while Jon played a new "free" online game. Then when I woke up, Jon was taking a nap. It's now 6:25 and we are hungry again so, we're heading out for sushi. We'll have to head back here by 9:00 because Matt will be arriving at Jon's place. After that, who knows?

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Monday, October 08, 2007

I'm starting my Great American Beer Fest week on Wednesday morning with a flight out Denver. Not sure what I will be doing most of the day but, this year Jon has taken Wednesday through Friday off (unlike previous years) and I'm certain that he has a plan. Matt will be joining us later that evening at Jon's apartment bringing together 2/3 of the Carpenter Wells crew. Unfortunately, Bill could not join us since he started his new job recently and could not get the time off.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

I'm planning on seeing my favorite local band The Mercers at Antone's tonight. Hey, since I have such a huge fan base in Austin, you could use this opportunity to meet Alien-e in person at the concert. How cool is that? It will be like real-life where's waldo, except I don't have a red and white striped shirt, or glasses.

Oh, Duffy, The Great American Drink Fest, uh... Beer Fest is not until next week. There's still time to purchase tickets! I do plan on going next year, and the year after, and forever until I don't have any more friends that live in Denver or I somehow lose a taste for Beer.

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