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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yesterday was the first official music / media day of South By South West (SXSW). It started for me at 2:00 when my sister dropped me off on East 6th Street and I walked over to Ms Bea's to see Todd Patrick (toddp) and his first show of the day. Todd was hugged and acknowledged by almost everyone that walked by as he bought me a beer and we talked at the bar. I was introduced as "my friend from High School" which was pretty funny. Todd and I had fallen out of touch recently. Even last year he was so on-edge and busy (two camera crews were following him around to make documentaries) that we barely had time to talk. It was very different this year. I'll see more of him today and through the rest of the week.

At 2:30, I headed over the Radio Room and waited in line to see Heartless Bastards but, the line never moved. I realized that were playing on the outside stage so, I ditched the line and walked around the alleyway. Sure enough, I could hear (and almost see) the band playing. Other Musicians (like Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears) were loading equipment into the venue through the rear entrance. I was approached by a British guy who asked me if he could enter. I guess I looked kind-of bouncer-ish with my height and yellow SXSW wristband. I told him that I ditched the line in the front to come back here and I was just going to stand here and enjoy the show. We both eventually darted into the crowd through the rear entrance (sorry line people). I met up with him a little later and he slipped me promo-card that his promoter said he should be passing out. Turns out he was James Harries and he has a show coming up on Saturday. I listened to his music on mySpace and I liked it.

I was hoping to catch Horse Feathers at Club DeVille but, they had just finished their set. I talked with a hot bartender who recognized my shirt. Afterwards, I headed back to the Radio Room and caught Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears which as a GREAT show. It was about this time that my Twitter to Facebook APP started to annoy a few people.
I knew Mariah was on her way in to pick up her wristband and Meiko was going to be playing on the day stage at the Austin Convention Center, so I headed that way. I met up with Mariah in line and gave her a beer. We met back up at the day stage, listened to Meiko, then headed down to 2nd to get our Pure Volume badges. The line was long and smelled of unwashed hipster. Once inside the Pure Volume venue, we grabbed free Kirin Beers and wandered back to the smokers lounge in the back and people watched.

Mariah and I rounded headed over to see Ladyhawk at Stubb's where, once again, we got into the VIP area. I'm really getting used to getting the royal treatment. No doubt next time I go to Stubb's I'll end up with the rest of the commoners and stare longingly at the VIP area to the right of the stage.
The next stop was Beerland where Born to Lose nearly blew my earplugs out of my head. I walked in front of a huge PA and could feel the my hair vibrate to the beat. Intense! After that, we both called it a night and Mariah drove me home. (official) Day one, complete.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Could someone give me some feedback? Check out and tell me if you can see all of the events that I have planned for this week (SXSW shows and all). I think it's working but, I can't see if it is because the firewall at the office is kinda' crazy.

Also! Don't make plans for Saturday at 11:30. It's BBQ time with Matt Mellinger (my on-again, off-again roommate). I will send out the e-mail today so, watch your in-box.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Last week was a blast. It was spring break, so most of my office was out on vacation. This allowed me to work from home and stay off my ankle. Once the work week was (essentially) over, I did a lot of concert hopping for SXSW. On Monday, Matt came into town to hang for a few days. So Tuesday night, I met Matt at Opal Divines on West 6th and we bar hopped all the way to the beauty bar where The Mercers played. Of course, since this was a SXSW show, they were on a short time schedule so they didn't play long. I can't wait until the guys get into the studio and put the songs that they are playing live onto a album. At the end of our route we met up with Mariah and Laura on East side where Todd P was hosting a very non-SXSW concert.

The next day, Matt left for home. I worked from home again. At the end of the day, Cory and I went over to Mariah's for some drinks on the patio. On Friday I took a half day, saw The Mercers at the show at Antoine's and caught back up with Todd. By Saturday, I was pretty burnt but, I still managed to get out to Waterloo park where Cory and I met up with Marilyn and I got actually burnt on my neck. Later, we met up with Marilyn's friend Laurie and I went to one last SXSW show at the Lucky Lounge for some good rock and free drinks (until the free drinks ran out).

By Sunday, I was ready to put some work in on the house. So, Cory and I attempted to finish up the first French door install. The trim went in beautifully with very little trouble but, the extension jambs (which are required on an out swing door, since the frame sits a few inches outside of the house) had to be cut at strange angles to match the sheetrock on the inside. All that's left to do is caulk the trim, fill the voids with low-expanding foam and select and install the trim for all the doors in the house. The selection of the interior trim will have to wait until the walls and ceilings are prepared for painting. I'll post pictures once I bring in my camera.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I wasn't sure how much I was going to participate in SXSW this week but, earlier today, Mariah sent me a link to the SXSW Music Player. Now I'm totally stoaked. I'm going to try and hunt down my long time friend Todd at a few of his shows starting tonight at MS BEA'S around 9:30.

Don't know how I'm going to fill the time between tonight and mid-day Friday but, I do plan on attending this show:



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