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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

After a Shoal loop, I headed to Bo's for some serious video gaming. Sadly, I typed in the wrong CD key in my game. So, every time Bo jumped on, I got booted out of my game. I had to uninstall the game twice, wasting so much precious gaming time while Cory and Bo killed T's with Matt and Bill. Finally, Bo had to uninstall Rainbow Six: Vegas and then delete every trace of it from the computer. After the final re-install, I was in the game. Sadly, I was only able to play for a few hours, since it was creeping up on midnight. Well, after all that pain, we'll be able to play straight away next time.

Oh yeah, Betty baked some really great chocolate chip cookies (which happen to go really good with St. Arnold's Spring Bock). She also made dinner but, I had already eaten leftovers after my bike ride.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Hey everybody, it's 4-20. You know what that means? That's right, it's Mike Duffy's birthday. So, everyone wish him a happy birthday if you see him in the halls of HP. Also, earlier this week, it was Karen Milkosky's and Lance Wimmer's birthdays. Haven't heard from or seen either of them in a few years, but what the hell?

Coops are big in Austin. We have a radio station, book stores and grocery stores and soon we'll have a coop Pub. You heard me right, a coop pub. Still on the horizon, and lacking in funds (about $260,000 shy of their start up costs) the Black Star Pub plans on running with a professional staff, but with owners (anyone with $100.00) who can vote on what to brew, and I assume many of the decisions about how the pub is built and run. Even if you're not down for a hundy, Black Star has a Drink-to-Own™ Program that allows you to accrue as you imbibe, until you have the investment capital to become a owner.

Tonight Black Star is running a capital raiser for the pub, so come on down, drink and listen to the music. Come on out, St. Arnold's will be there. Hell, I'll be there.

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