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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Angels and AirwavesOn my way back from The Flying Saucer, Tess called me up to invite me to see Angles and Airwaves. I had already planned on going to see the aftershow with a Mariah (a new friend!) to see The Mercers. So, all that was required was for me to buy one ticket and everybody would be happy (no problem). Fortunately there were extra tickets at the box office. I had to ride the bus home becuase, by 6:30 it was already dark.

I got back home and watched an episode of This Old House and an episode of Shin Chan while Tess got ready. Tess dropped by and drove me to Stubb's where we met Mariah (for the first time!). I had alreday bought an extra ticket so we went up a block to Club deVille for a quick pint before the show. The show was pretty good but, I've only heard Angels and Airwaves from a distance at Fun Fun Fun Fest. I don't even know if they've ever got any airplay. So we waited out the concert and went inside where The Boxing Lesson was already playing. I'd never heard them before but, they were good! Tess took off because she wanted to wake up early and run.

Erik, Peter, Ethan and RayMariah and I went up to the second floor to watch the rest of The Boxing Lesson's set. As we watched, I really noticed the drummer, Jake just going crazy. Sweeping his arms through the air between hits, closing his eyes tight and head banging to the music, and really just having an awesome time. Man, he played the drums like a 2 year old wailing on pots and pans. I would definately go see that band again.

Finally, The Mercers got on stage and played about 6 songs. I only recognized two but, the rest were really good. How much longer do we have to wait for the new album? (I know, I know. Going out to see The Mercers two times in one week? That doesn't make me a groupie)

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