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Monday, June 02, 2008

Last weekend was a real rush followed by sleep and then drinking then floating and drinking. I started out by attending the Real Ale Ride in Blanco, TX with Christine, and Jared. We chose the 50 mile course, since Christine and I hadn't ever gone much over 30 miles before. I went much slower than I was hoping but, I made it to the end. I did have to walk a few hills, though. Very good experience, I would definatly do that again next year.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Woke up a little late on Sunday morning and messaged Jared. I was planning on a simple loop down Shoal Creek and back up Woodrow but, Jared had a different plan. First, we passed up Shoal Creek and rode down a parallel road that's right up against Mopac. Then we looped back up Shoal Creek and went up Far West (a long daunting hill). This got us up to Mesa which got us over to 360 down a hill dubbed Soulcrusher which sits on a street called Mountian Ridge Dr.

While on Mesa, I got distracted and ran into the curb which filed down a few teeth on my crank and sent me rolling over a sidewalk and into the grass. No harm done to me but, now my bike is broken in. We continued.

We crossed 360, went up a long hill and circled around the Arboretum, came back down and got back on 360. Of course, we had to go down to the light on Great Hills Trails to circle back around. This meant, we had to go back up Soulcrusher, which we did. Jared (a skilled hand at hill climbing) stopped at the top to catch a picture of me struggling up the hill.

Once back on Mesa, we went back down Far West and back onto Shoal Creek. We went right (away from home) and down to Hancock and crossed Mopaq again. This meant that we were going to go down Highland Hills Dr. to get back up to Mesa. However, before we climb up, we get to coast down a hill that curves and does not bank.

It was on this hill that I took a second spill. As I coasted down to an unsafe speed, my instinct was to lightly grip the rear brake. As the rear wheel began to drag, it lost traction and began to slip out from under me. Jared was yelling "FRONT BRAKE!" but, I could not hear him with the wind rushing in my ears. Finally, my rear wheel gave way right at the apex of the corner and my poor Scattante was pulled out from beneath me. Somehow, I escaped the clips and found myself on my back in the soft grass. However, this was only after the street had taken almost the entire cheek off my biking shorts and gave me a minor road rash. The bruise, however, was not so minor.

I was still able to make it up to Mesa back down Far West and on to Shoal Creek for the ride home. After hours in the sun, climbing up some of Austin's most ruthless hills, and two wreaks, I still plan on biking again this evening. Thanks for the motivation Jared.


Monday, May 05, 2008

With the advice of Jared, I purchased this bike (Scattante SixSixty) from Performance Bicycle on Saturday. I rushed into the decision but, I'm very happy with the results. On Sunday, Jared, Christine and I spent over 2 1/2 hours riding all around Austin for almost 28 miles. During the ride we had to stop for Christine's bike, since her rear tire deflated. We didn't complete the intended route, nor did we travel as far as we were planning but, I think Christine and I did good for a first time out on road bikes. Even more impressive that Christine had just finished a 5K the day before. I think I'll get a lot of use out of this bike.

On the remodeling front, Cory and I installed the shelf that the final french door will attach to. To do this, we had to cut out the siding away and chip away at some of the foundation to provide a smooth surface for the shelf to attach to. When the last board of siding was cut away, I got and idea of how much airflow and light would come from the west side of the house. I hope we'll be able to get the door in place this week.

This next weekend, Amy and Breck will be moving to Austin from Dallas. Into my house, to be precise. This will be a big lifestyle change for me since I have been living without a roommate since Bunnith moved out (and without anyone living with me since the end of last year) and without any animals since 2005.

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