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Monday, February 25, 2008

On Monday, we got back onto the door install project by purchasing a hammer drill, larger concrete screws, and a matching bit. Once again, having the right tool for the job is a really good feeling. Where before, we were drilling into stones took forever to drill though (with the added bonus of fragging the bits), we were now punching through them. What power!

The pressure treated board was now acting as a sill plate for the bottom of the door to rest on. So, we hoisted the door into place and it barely fit into the rough opening. In fact, there was little to no clearance on the top of the door frame and some of the wood siding that we neglected to cut away was pushing on the sides of the frame, pushing the doors out of alignment.

So, we cut on the siding, leaned the door back out and put caulk on the bottom of the door, creating a tight seal that weather and bugs will not penetrate. I figured the rest of the project should be easy, since it's just a matter of making the door frame parallel with the earth, which aligns the doors as they were built from the factory, which should make them swing and shut easily.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. Due to our inexperience, we ended up screwing the frame too tightly to the studs (house) and pulling the frame apart unevenly, which made the doors too far apart at the bottom than at the top. So, now the doors would not close evenly. After messing with it for a while, we decided to give up for the night. So, I quickly installed a deadbolt and the locking pin for the inactive door to secure the door for the night.

We blew off the project on Tuesday because we needed a break. I was only intending on getting a beer with Mariah at the Flying Saucer but, we ended up staying until the trivia started. Even though Mariah ditched us for some free food in Round Rock, Cory and I decoded to form a team. We got stumped on quite a few questions and were never mentioned as the MC called out the teams by points. Bad night for trivia, good night for beer and brats.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yesterday was Cory's birthday so, I decided we should celebrate at B. D. Riley's on 6th street. I figured a social activity, like live trivia, would be better than dragging everyone to a movie. Before we went, we took Cory to Quality Seafood Market, which (contrary to it's name) served me a dirty oyster sandwich that plagued me through the evening. I will reserve my negative judgement, as sometimes seafood can be sketchy. The bread was great, and the shrimp that was in the sandwich was delicious, and a few of my friends here in Austin buy seafood only from Quality, so I'll be going back before too long.

We went to B. D. Riley's with Bo, and Betty and picked up Christine along the way from campus. Then we were joined by Jen, Jason and Joe. Our team was called "Fugu Diners" and we were challenged by two sets of 25 questions. We did well on the first set, only missing a few tricky questions like "Who is our oldest living ex-President", and "How many legs does an adult tick have", and a few obscure pop culture questions. I think everyone had a fun time. We did pretty well overall as a team, so I would like to make it a regular thing.

By the way, the answers are George Bush Sr. and 8 (even though it could be argued that the number of legs is 10).


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I learned yesterday that my trivia friend, Bennett, is moving to Seattle. So, last night was his last time a Monday Trivia night at the James Joyce. Now, I'm going to have to go it alone, or become a free agent.

Good luck in your travels, Bennett.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Well, I'm back in line again for a fun filled trip back to Austin. This week went by pretty quickly, since I didn't come into the office until 3:00 on Tuesday. I booked the hotel the day before and found my regular hotel was full, so I ended up staying next to Camden Yards, where the Oriels play. This was the first time that I stayed in the downtown area, and it was a cool experience. I can't really take advantage of it since I need to wake up so early and the drive to work is a pain in the ass, so I'm heading back up to Pikesville nex week. On top of that, the new hotel had no parking, and the TVs had no input for my Xbox (drag, yo).

I missed trivia night, but made up for it by attending a meetup group in the downtown area. I think I may have made a friend or two in the process.

Wednesday night I just ended up at a bar after eating dinner with my co-workers. I drank three local brews (two from another local bar / brewery called the thirsty dog) and called it a night. It was too late, as I found out and ended up getting to sleep around midnight. So, the next day (today) I had to wake up at 6:00 to get to work at 7:00. Unfortunate some wires got crossed and I ended up at the wrong meetting place and did'nt realize it until 8:20. The subsequent drive to Owings Mills was total shit. There was one area where two lanes becomes one on an onramp and the "zipper method" was posted on the signs and I fell in line behind my perscribed "tooth". Then a guy rolls up on my left and hangs there until the lane starts to collapse. I'm sticking behind my leader in the line like glue, so this jerky (in a Ford Probe) makes a total dick move and jinks right giving me two options. Run into him, or run into the barrier. It was a really low speed, so I just yielded an honked and flipped him the bird. It didn't make me feel any better, though.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Last night, I rolled into my driveway at exactly 20000 miles on my odometer. I engineered the moment a bit by coasting up the street, since the car flipped 20K in front of Northcross Mall. So, when I pulled into the drive, the steering was un-powered which made me swing wide, putting me at an odd angle behind my Datsun. I snapped a few pictures with my phone (now that I can mail the pictures through my phone) to immortalize the moment.

Each Monday, since I started flying to Baltimore, I've been leaving the house late rand later, to see how close I can cut my flight. So today, I waited until 8:15 to leave. This morning, the car would not start. My 2004 GTO, that just turned over 20K would not start! I frantically looked from the batter charger in the garage, but it was not to be found. Even if I had found it, I don't think I would have used it, since it wouldn't really fix the problem. Since I don't know how the battery got discharged in the first place, jumping the car would only get me to the airport, and it would most likely be dead by the time I got back into Austin. So, my only other option was to get a taxi to the Airport.

I was able to make it to the airport with enough time to get a poor quality sandwich and get into the "B" line for my Southwest flight. The line was getting longer, but for the most part everyone was sitting down, since the seats were in line with the entrance. Then, a traveler walked up and asked of the people who were standing "was this the B line?". The people who were sitting down (I among them) responded, and pointed him to the back of the line. He told us that it was unfair that people could be in the line and be sitting in chairs, so he decided to stay, cutting directly in front of me. One boisterous lady had a few choice words to say to him, but he stood his ground. A few people groused about it to themselves, but ultimately he cut in front of about 15 people and nobody really did anything. I was ready to snap at him but he took a seat that I didn't want anyway, and he was quick about it.

By that evening, I was exhausted but, I still found the strength to make it to Trivia Night at with Benett at the The James Joyce pub in downtown Baltimore. I've been going there for the past three weeks, and we've won second or third place every time, which usually brings in a $25 gift card. I say "we", but Benett really runs the show. I only provide a sounding board, and perhaps a few facts that I can remember in the time allowed before we turn in our answers. Even so, it's pretty impressive that a two man team can come in a close second to table full of teachers (I'm talking to you "Vandelay Industries").

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